3 Strategies for Working with Moon Energy: How to Harness the Power of Moon Phases

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Last time we talked about how the moon cycle affects your mood, so today we’re going to chat about how you can harness the magical power of each moon phase.

In this post, we’re going to be talking about:
  1. Understanding the waxing vs. waning moon
  2. Understand the moon phases
  3. Embrace tools that help you navigate each phase

3 Strategies for Working with Moon Energy

Now that you know why you should care about the moon’s energy, we’re going to dive down into how you can work with the moon cycle and harness its energy in a way that’s going to amplify your emotions…and your life.

1. Understand waxing versus waning

When the moon is building light or growing in the size we see it, it’s waxing. When the moon is losing light or decreasing in the size we see it, it’s waning.

But there’s a little more to it than that.

Waning Moon

The waning phase — as the moon moves from full to new and grows darker — is a time to look inward. It’s a time to be gentle with yourself and your body and be tender with your emotions.

You’re likely moving from the ovulation phase to the luteal phase to the menstrual phase.

  • Energy: passive, gentle, intuitive
  • Eat: warm and grounding foods
  • Exercise: gentle workouts like yoga or walking
  • Focus: rest and conserve energy

Waxing Moon

From new moon to full moon, the waxing phase occurs as the moon grows in size.

Through this phase, you’re likely moving out of your menstrual phase through the follicular phase and are headed toward ovulation.

  • Energy: intentional action, expanding
  • Eat: cheerful, flavorful whole foods
  • Exercise: explosive workouts like HIIT or strength training
  • Focus: creative expression and massive action

2. Understand the moon phases

The most recognized moon phases are the New Moon and Full Moon. Fewer people recognize 4 main phases, and fewer still recognize all 8 phases.

Knowing all of the phases will undoubtedly help you tune in with Mama Moon and help you flow with each phase for the most intuitive cycle possible.

Again, everyone is different, so you may be feeling something different than the current moon phase is projecting based on what’s going on in your body, life, or environment.

1. New Moon

The new moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle and is when the moon is at its darkest. This is perfect time for inner reflection and manifestation of the coming cycle.

Emotionally: quiet, introspective

Energetically: manifesting, exciting but lower energy, new possibilities

Menstrual phase: Menstruation

Tips for this cycle:

  • Journal or meditate over what you’re grateful for over the past moon cycle
  • Set intentional goals for the next month
  • Clear the energy around yourself and your home with palo santo or sage

2. Crescent Moon

Following the New Moon comes the Crescent, which is even more quiet and introspective. This is your time to allow yourself to be confident and trust your deep, inner knowing of your intentions for the coming moon cycle.

Emotionally: calm, confident, optimistic

Energetically: relaxed, lower energy

Menstrual phase: Menstruation

Tips for this cycle:

  • Continue to journal and meditate over your intentions
  • Feel free to move your body, but do so slowly – consider yoga, walking, and deep stretching
  • Drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest

3. First Quarter Moon

It’s time to get going on those intentions, girl! The First Quarter Moon is all about action! Get laser focused and plan, so that you don’t end up scattered and trying to accomplish random tasks.

Emotionally: excited, inspired

Energetically: high energy, action, productive, laser focused

Menstrual phase: Follicular

Tips for this cycle:

4. Gibbous Moon

Coming off of the high energy, high action First Quarter, the Gibbous Moon invites you to slow down and take stock. It’s also a time to trust your deepest inner knowing and intuition.

Emotionally: abundance, content, calm

Energetically: low energy, re-engage, deep inner knowing

Menstrual phase: Ovulation

Tips for this cycle:

  • Reassess your New Moon intentions as you began to take action during the First Quarter Moon – what worked and what didn’t?
  • Journal or meditate on gratitude; enjoy what you’ve created
  • Ground yourself with plenty of outdoor time and walking

5. Full Moon

One of the most well known lunar phases, the Full Moon is when the moon is at its fullest, most visible, and most vibrant in the sky. This moon symbolically shines a light on our emotions and a light on what’s working and what’s not, as well as a light on our manifestations.

Emotionally: celebration, excitement

Energetically: high energy, release

Menstrual phase: Ovulation / Luteal

Tips for this cycle:

  • Remember back to the intentions you made during the New Moon. What’s working and what isn’t?
  • Clear the energy around yourself and your home with palo santo or sage
  • Charge crystals under the light of the Full Moon

6. Disseminating Moon

Coming off of the celebration of the Full Moon, the Disseminating Moon gives you time to nourish your body, mind, and soul. This might be a phase when you feel like cozying up in a big blanket and crying…and that’s ok!

Emotionally: deeply emotional, tired

Energetically: low energy, trust the process

Menstrual phase: Luteal

Tips for this cycle:

  • Trust your intuition and the path you are on
  • Continue to release the deep emotions that come up
  • Concentrate on nourishing: with nutritious foods, water, and plenty of rest

7. Third Quarter Moon

It’s time to finish up on those intentions! Here’s your last high energy sprint of the moon cycle to wrap up tasks, projects, and anything else that’s unfinished. You’ll likely feel a deep need to be productive and do that one (seemingly simple) thing: finish!

Emotionally: inspired, reverent for wisdom gained, abundant

Energetically: high energy, highly productive

Menstrual phase: Luteal

Tips for this cycle:

  • Keep going on your path (or start over if that feels right to you!)
  • Complete tasks that you’ve been procrastinating or have yet to finish
  • Spend time receiving abundance and having gratitude for all you’ve learned

8. Balsamic Moon

In this final phase of the moon cycle, celebrate how far you’ve come and revel in the deep pride that comes with that learning. In this most wise version of yourself, take the time to rest and heal your body and show gratitude for how you’ve grown.

Emotionally: celebratory, pride, calm

Energetically: low energy, rest and heal

Menstrual phase: Luteal

Tips for this cycle:

  • Celebrate the moon cycle and moving into a new phase
  • Take stock and journal on what you’ve learned during this cycle
  • Rest, rest, rest

3. Embrace tools that help you navigate each phase

During each phase of the moon cycle, the energy is available around us to use as we see fit…but there are ways to help use this energy even more.


You’ve already learned a bit about the best foods to eat with certain parts of the moon cycle, but how would it feel to take that even further?

One of my favorite moon-inspired supplements is Your Super’s Moon Balance. When I’m feeling the effects from intense emotions, hormonal, or just a little off, this superfoods mix does wonders to help me feel balanced and aligned again.

Moon Balance is an incredible natural superfoods mix that balances female hormones and keeps you feeling more like you.


Using rituals can help you align, ground in, and amplify the energy that each moon phase offers. You can follow a ritual or create your own!

Here’s an excellent post with some ideas for rituals you can follow.


Similarly, meditations paired with the moon cycle that’s happening will even further enhance that energy and help you align with it even more.

Here are some fantastic meditations for each phase of the moon cycle.


By incorporating the natural vibration that crystals resonate at with the right tone or frequency of the given moon phase, you’re setting yourself up for the best energy possible.

Here’s a great resource for which crystal goes best with with moon phase.

Using the moon’s energy isn’t an end all, be all. Follow your own intuitive guides and let the moon energy always be an additional tool that helps guide you!

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