Trouble blogging? 3 Secrets to Keep Up with Your Blog

Do you create blogposts (or do you want to), but can’t seem to get consistent with them?

The #1 problem I hear from entrepreneurs who want to blog more is how to stay consistent with inspiration and great ideas.

Blogging seems like a great idea when you first start.

​You know the value of blogging and you felt so creative making the blog itself….but now it comes down to the writing.

It’s so challenging to come up with ideas for your posts week after week or even month after month. But I’ve got some awesome ideas for you, so read on.

3 Secrets to Keep Up with your Blog

1. Commit to a schedule.

Just like you use your calendar for work and life, it’s important to use one for your business. Schedule out your content (including your blogposts) and commit to that schedule.

No matter what you choose – once a day, week, or even month – is fine. What’s important is that your blogposts are consistent and you are regularly creating the content.

​Check out this sample editorial calendar for an idea of how you can stay on track with your schedule:

2. Write when you want to write.

​I’m a big believer in engaging with creativity when it strikes. Not only will this set you up better for those days filled with writer’s block, but it will also mean you’re creating more genuinely valuable content more often.

So always make the time to blog (or at least jot down the post idea!) when the inspiration strikes.

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3. Create valuable content…each and every time.

Coming up with the blogpost ideas themselves may be, by far, the most challenging part of blogging for you.

By keeping your target audience top of mind, really listening to them, using your data, and creating content that makes sense for your audience (and you), you’re going to own the blogging game.

Here’s a helpful post I did a while back with 8 Easy Ways to Create Content. It’ll give you loads of inspiration for your next blogpost!

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