The Top 5 Mistakes Mompreneurs Make Running Their Businesses

First things first, mama: you’re killing it.

I think we can both agree there are few things more rewarding than growing your own business, while raising your babies at home too.

There are also few things that are quite as challenging. That’s why it’s so easy to make mistakes.

As a female entrepreneur — and now a mom entrepreneur — there are unique challenges we face.

With a little one(s) running around while we work, we’re getting pulled in no less than a thousand directions a day. While it’s well worth it, it doesn’t make it any less hard.

Meanwhile, we’re making plenty of mistakes along the way. It’s how we humans learn, but how about we cross a few off the list, shall we?

Disclaimer: I’ve made every single mistake listed below, so I know each one all too well.

The Top 5 Mistakes Mompreneurs Make Running Their Businesses


It’s no secret that you need to get focused as a mom entrepreneur. After all, you probably don’t have 40 hours a week to devote to your work, like you once did.

Instead, you’ll need to get laser focused on the tasks that matter — like client work and marketing efforts that move the needle — and less time on what doesn’t matter — like scrolling social media.

Try choosing 1-2 attainable tasks for the day and that’s where your efforts will go first. Anything beyond that is a bonus!

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I know this one hits close to home for all of us. As moms, most of us are programmed to want to do it all — take care of our babies, businesses, homes, daily to-dos, plans for the family, and let’s not forget friends and family.

But we all know the reality: there are only 24 hours in a day. There’s literally no way we can do it all.

So call in the support you need: whether it’s a VA for your business, a cleaner for your home, childcare for your kiddo(s), and so on.


Just like you can’t do it all, you also can’t do it all at the same time. Multitasking is another way us mompreneurs try to accomplish a lot in a small amount of time, and simply end up scattered and half-assing multiple tasks.

If you’re finding you’re spreading yourself too thin by working at the same time your toddler is running around the room or bigger kids are arguing right next to you, it’s time to calendar block.

In short: certain times of the day are for focused time with your child(ren) and other times are for focused time for work. It depends on your needs and the age(s) of your kiddo(s) on what’s possible.

As an example, I get most of my work done before my son wakes up, nap time, and at bedtime. I also get bits done here and there throughout that day as he has independent play time.

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Women quickly fall into language like “my little business” or “just a side hustle” when asked about a new business. Here’s a pro tip: don’t ever call your business little/small, or “just a…” anything. That’s a surefire way to keep it that way (and convince everyone else around you that you’re not really in this).

Similarly, if you’re undercharging for your products or services, you’re also playing small. If you’re underpricing yourself, you’re also undervaluing yourself. Potential customers or clients will wonder why you’re so much cheaper than the competition and simply assume the value isn’t there.

You might also have limiting beliefs around how much you deserve to earn or how hard you have to work in order to feel like an expert in your field. Do the inner work necessary to work past your limiting beliefs; all they’ll do is hold you back.


To start, a proper business (and remember, you’re not playing small here…you have a proper business) needs the right set up. Whether you choose to be an LLC or other type of entity, check with an accountant or lawyer and get tax-related and legal advice for the best option for you.

Next, while you’re blocking time to do client or customer-related work, you’ll also need to leave time for marketing and sales for your business. After all, if you’re not bringing in new work, you’re not going to be profitable.

Lastly, invest in your business. Taking the steps with coaching, courses, and other ways to learn and grow for your unique business will help you uplevel faster and in different ways than you ever dreamed possible.

Which of the mistakes above have you been making, mama?

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