How to Use Ubersuggest for SEO & Keyword Research

For over a year now, I’ve been incorporating Ubersuggest in my SEO audit, keyword research, and content strategy for both me and my clients.

This powerhouse tool is available for free and paid subscriptions (both with an account), along with a free option without being logged in.

If you have any need for keyword research or SEO for your business (hint: you do), then you’re going to want to check out Ubersuggest.

Read on to find out how to leverage it for SEO and content creation.


Ubersuggest Pricing

Let start by talking about what’s on everyone’s mind: the price.


As I mentioned, Ubersuggest is super generous with a completely free (non-signed in plan), as well as a free (signed-in plan).

In both versions, you get a ton of helpful data, including:

▷ Site audit
▷ Keyword data
▷ Traffic data
▷ Backlinks
▷ AI Writer

In general, you’ll get access to 3 months of data when you’re not signed in and 12 months of data when you are. Both free versions give you limited searches for each category per day.

Simply register here with your email for even more free Ubersuggest benefits.


To get more searches each day and to track your website more deeply, you’ll want to sign up for paid access.

I personally can attest to the fact that this keyword research and SEO tool is far cheaper (and just as powerful) as any SEO tool out there. It’s well worth the price.

You can choose from the monthly paid option…

ubersuggest pricing

…or lifetime access.

ubersuggest pricing

Here’s how each plan breaks down

What do you get with Ubersuggest?

So let’s dive into what you get from Ubersuggest and how it can help your SEO efforts.

One thing to note: Ubersuggest is always updating the tool, so these are the available options as of the writing of this post.


In the free versions, you can track one website. You’ll get access to up to 25 keyword rankings tracked for that site, along with meaningful data to help you move the SEO needle.

create ubersuggest project

In the paid versions, you’ll get a scaling increase in tracked sites (started at 3 for the individual), as well as significantly more keywords tracked.

ubersuggest rank tracking


As a professional SEO, this is one of my favorite tools. I can quickly run audits for clients (or potential clients) and get a feel for any red flags right away.

You can do the same for your site (or a competitor’s site!).

ubersuggest site audit

Get a feel of basic SEO data, indexed pages, top SEO issues, keyword rankings, and more.

ubersuggest seo

In the free versions, you’ll get access to 3 audits per day, with 150 pages crawled. Meanwhile, in the paid versions, you can run unlimited audits with 1,000+ pages crawled.


At the crux of Ubersuggest lies any and all keyword data you could want, including: keyword ideas, content ideas, similar websites, and more.

Here’s where you’ll conduct your keyword research, learn about any long tail keyword opportunities, and which keywords are the best fit for your website or online marketing.

In the free versions, you’ll get up to 3 keywords a day, along with history for the past 3 months (non-signed in) or 12 months (signed-in).

ubersuggest search
ubersuggest search volume

In the paid version, you’ll get unlimited searches.


Get traffic estimates, rankings, and even top pages for your own website or competition websites.

In the free versions, you’ll get to search for up to 3 websites a day and history for the past 3 months (non-signed in) or 12 months (signed-in).

ubersuggest traffic
ubersuggest traffic search
ubersuggest keyword ranking

Meanwhile, in the paid versions, you’ll have access to unlimited searches and data.


Wondering what backlinks you have coming to your website? Ubersuggest can tell you.

Again, you’ll get access to 3 searches with each free version and plenty of historical data.

ubersuggest backlinks


One of the newest (and in my opinion, most exciting) features to join the Ubersuggest ranks is the new Labs are. In here currently, you’ll find two tools: Keyword Visualization and the AI Writer.

Keyword Visualization

This tool is similar to AnswerthePublic, which makes sense because NP Digital recently purchased the tool.

Using this tool, you’ll get a visual look at your keyword and all related queries.

ubersuggest keyword visualization

You can also look at the data as a list:

ubersuggest keyword visualization

In the free versions, you’ll get just two searches here a day. In the paid versions, it appears they are unlimited.

AI Writer

Last, but certainly not least, Ubersuggest has added its own AI Writer. With this particular AI, you’ll be able to put content much quicker and get inspiration faster than ever before.

Though the content isn’t perfect, it will definitely get you started…especially for those of us (ahem…everyone) who could use a helping hand with blogging.

Simply enter a keyword or phrase.

ubersuggest ai writer

Then follow the steps. You’ll start by choosing the most applicable title…

ubersuggest ai writer

…then the description…

ubersuggest ai writer

…and finally headings. These are going to be the main content areas that the AI software builds content from. You can choose all or some of these.

ubersuggest ai writer

Once you click “write for me,” the AI Writer gets to work and creates your content.

ubersuggest ai writer

In some cases, you’ll have to tweak the content a lot, and in others, you’ll have to tweak a little. Either way, you’re far better off than where you first started!

Get started with Ubersuggest today and you’ll be glad you did!

It’s certainly not the only SEO game in town, but it’s got some great perks (especially for the free version!) and it gives you some invaluable data that your SEO strategy needs.

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