3 Things That Happen When You Make Time to Blog

One of the things I hear most from clients when it comes to blogging is “I don’t have the time.”

I get it. It feels like you have so much to do in your business and blogging is way down at the bottom of the list.

But here’s the thing: there’s a lot to lose when you don’t blog as an entrepreneur or a mompreneur. Instead, let’s talk about what you gain when you make the time to blog.

⁠Here are three things that happen when you make time to blog:⁠

1. You stress less

Knowing that you have blogposts to complete and haven’t had the time is stressful. Watching the days creep by with a bare, untouched blog and no updates is stressful.

Having the time to update your blog? Now you’re stressing way less!

If you need a little help planning for your blog (and other digital marketing content), this content calendar template is the perfect tool for you!

2. You have content for everything

Content creation doesn’t end with your blog. Once you have a blogpost completed, you’ll be able to repurpose that content for social media, email, video, and even a podcast.

So once you have time to post, you’re checking off even more boxes than just your blog.

One of our favorite content flows is to create a blogpost, then create several social media posts that reference that post, and then create an email for our list that sends people back to the post. One piece of content and so many channels…done, done, done!

3. You reach your target audience

Each and every blogpost you create is a new opportunity to be found in the search engines (or elsewhere) by someone in your target audience. You’re able to target super specific long tail keywords and give your audience exactly what they’re searching for online.

Remember to put that audience first and foremost with every post you create. Try a tool like Ubersuggest to find out what your customers are searching for, then create blogposts around it!

Trouble finding the time to blog?

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