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How to Find the Time to Blog: 5 Helpful Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

Do you feel like you never have enough time to create content?

When it comes to blogging, “not enough time” is one of the most common excuses we hear.

But you know that creating blogposts is one of the most powerful ways to market your business, so it’s vital you find the time.

How to Find the Time to Blog

1. Write first thing in the morning.

Writing first thing in the morning is one of the easiest ways to make sure you get started on your post before you get distracted with the day’s tasks.

Your creative energy is at its peak in the morning, so using it for your blogpost is perfect.

2. Start with the end in mind.

When you sit down to write your blogpost, consider this: what’s the goal of your content?

Do you want visitors to download something? buy something? sign up for something?

Think about the next logical step your readers should take in order to backtrack and think through your post even more quickly.

3. Create a schedule.

Stick to a blogpost calendar to stay consistent and avoid getting distracted by other things on your to-do list.

Your blogpost meeting or appointment (if you will) is a non-negotiable. That means it doesn’t move, change, or get rescheduled.

Put it on your calendar to ensure you have the time blocked out in advance and keep your consistency each week or month.

4. Schedule posts ahead of time.

If you prefer to create a lot of content at once, great!

When inspiration or creativity strikes, embrace it. Write out multiple posts at a time, then schedule them out in WordPress or your blogging platform of choice.

5. Stay consistent.

Does consistency save time? Of course it does.

Once you’ve created a deeply ingrained habit, you’ll find that content creation can be faster and faster each time. Where it may have once taken 2 or 3 hours to create a blogpost, now you might be able to do it in under an hour!

Plus, if you want to build an engaged community, then consistency is key. Your readers will come to know what to expect and look forward to your posts each time.

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