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3 Ways to Show Thanks & Gratitude in Your Business

Thanksgiving isn’t just for friends and family…it can be for business, too!

Showing your gratitude or thanks regularly is a great way to show how much you appreciate your work, your employees, and your customers.

It’s easy to forget to show your gratitude throughout the year, so Thanksgiving is the perfect reminder for us to stop and show our thanks.

Here are three ways to show your thanks in your business.

1. Give thanks to the work.

There’s a reason you do the work that you do. Whether you once had a passion for it — or you still do — it’s important to show your gratitude.

Try taking a deep breath each morning and saying or writing one thing you’re grateful for in your business.

Acknowledging our gratitude gives us a reminder of why we are doing the work we’re doing and focuses our attention on the more positive aspects of our business. (Plus, it’s a great mindful way to start your day!)

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2. Give the thanks to your employees.

Your employees work hard for you and your business. Showing your appreciation of their hard work lets them know how much you value them.

Try these unique ways to show your employees just how thankful you are for them:

▶︎ Celebrate birthdays and special life events (like births and anniversaries)
▶︎ Create an environment for open communication and feedback
▶︎ Feed them with delicious snacks or lunches
▶︎ Gift employees randomly with small treats or gift cards
▶︎ Give rewards or awards for different accolades
▶︎ Give time off or extra flexibility (like working from home)
▶︎ Host events, special days, or retreats
▶︎ Offer perks (like gym memberships)
▶︎ Showcase them on a blogpost or social media
▶︎ Train employees regularly to keep them sharp in their trades

3. Give thanks to your customers.

Last, but certainly not least, it’s important to give thanks to the closest thing you have to a boss. You know, the ones who pay your bills and paychecks? Your customers, of course!

Your clients or customers are the reason you’re in business, so it’s important to show your gratitude for their support of your business.

Since customers won’t be expecting a special “thank you” from you, it will be a pleasant surprise and solidify just how much they love your company.

Here are a few ways to show gratitude to your customers:

▶︎ Ask for feedback (and really listen!)
▶︎ Give an unexpected gift or upgrade on your service
▶︎ Give to a worthy cause in the name of your customer(s)
▶︎ Offer a freebie or a scholarship for your service
▶︎ Send a gift basket, flowers, or other gift
▶︎ Showcase your customers on social media or your website
▶︎ Take time to make a phone call or in-person visit
▶︎ Write a handwritten note

Which forms of gratitude are you going to start showing in your business today?

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