3 Steps to Make Content Creation Less Scary

If you’re a business owner and feeling overwhelmed at the thought of having to create all the content, you’re not alone. After all, with your giant business to-do list, marketing your business with content might fall to the bottom of the list.


But here’s the thing: with regular content creation, you’ll get all the incredible benefits, including:

▷ Improved SEO to be found organically on the search engines
▷ Value-focused content that keeps your audience coming back for more
▷ Relationship and trust-building by focusing on free value first (not selling)
▷ Ability to stay top of mind by staying at the top of social media feeds, video platforms, email, and more
▷ Increased leads and sales

All that said, content creation can still feel scary. Ultimately, there are so many platforms you feel like you need to be on…and so little time!

Never fear, dear entrepreneur, here are three steps to make content creation feel less scary.

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3 Steps to Make Content Creation Less Scary

So many of us stop before we even get started…and there’s nowhere I see this more than with content creation.

After all, everyone around us is telling us that we need to be on all the networks in order to be successful. The reality? That’s really scary.

Here’s how to break it down in a way that will help you 1) make content creation less overwhelming, and 2) actually get it done.


In general, we overcomplicate content creation.

Why? Because as entrepreneurs, we hold so much valuable information that we find it challenging to break it down. Or, we overcomplicate things for our audience by thinking too high-level.

Instead, break an idea down into its smallest bits. Make it simple.

For instance, instead of talking about why blogging is great for your business, perhaps I talk about 3 simple ways to get started with blogging today.

3 Reasons Why an FAQ is One of the Best Blogposts You Can Create


We’re all different and all content is different, so when you come up with your content idea, consider: how do I want to create this?

You might have your go-to (like your podcast or Instagram), or you might consider certain content is best for video, while other ideas are best for long-format emails.

Here are a few ideas based on your personal preference:

where should you create content


A common content misconception is that you need to create unique content for each channel. The reality? Repost the same (or very similar) content on all your platforms.

Ultimately, your audience is only likely to see one piece of content (if any!) and, even if they do see the same post on multiple channels, I promise they won’t be annoyed to the point that they’ll unfollow you.

In fact, it takes at least seven touchpoints for a potential customer to become a customer. That means that they need to see similar content from you over and over to actually convert.

In short, that makes even more of a case to repurpose your content!

Here’s how to do it: take the piece of content you created in step #2 (let’s say it was a blogpost) and repurpose it.

One blogpost can become:

▷ (3) social media posts: (1) reel, (1) carousel, and (1) graphic
(All of these posts can be published on Instagram, and one or most can go on other channels – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok)

▷ (1 – or more!) email newsletter

how to repurpose blog content

Now you see that one piece of content became five unique pieces, and can be repurposed approximately 10 times to all my digital marketing channels!

Content creation can seem intimidating at first, especially if you’re a business owner who’s used to running things solo, but it doesn’t have to be scary!

There are plenty of ways to ensure that creating great content doesn’t take up too much of your precious time or resources; from making it simple to starting with what feels right to repurposing, there’s no reason why business owners shouldn’t feel confident about creating amazing content for their brands!

So next time someone suggests getting involved with content creation, take a deep breath and remember these three tips – I promise they’ll help!

ultimate blogpost checklist
Ready to start content creation with blogging?

This checklist has you covered. In the Ultimate Blogpost Checklist, you’ll get a step-by-step look at everything you’ll need for each post you create. Use it every time you post to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

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