How to Learn Search Engine Optimization for DIY Female Entrepreneurs

As a modern businesswoman, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of SEO. But do you know how to implement best practices? or take intentional actions to get closer to ranking #1 on Google for the right keywords and phrases?

Read on to learn how to start putting the pieces into place.

What is SEO?

Before we dive any deeper, it’s important we’re all on the same page. So let’s get clear about what Search Engine Optimization is.

Search Engine Optimization includes everything you can do both on and off your website to rank higher in organic search.

That may feel daunting, but I promise: with a step-by-step formula and creating solid SEO habits, you can have a high ranking website.

Why should you learn how to do SEO?

Though Search Engine Optimization is on every female entrepreneur’s to-do list, you may not full understand its power. (And that’s ok!)

So let’s talk about why SEO is so important for your web presence.

1. SEO will increase your rankings

Using the right keywords and phrases, providing valuable long tail content, and gaining relevant incoming links (along with hundreds of other factors) will ultimately help increase your rankings in the search engines.

Ideally, you’ll want to shoot for the top three results in Google and the other search engines. (According to Advanced Web Ranking, approximately 60% of searchers click the top three results.)

Increased rankings using SEO
Using ongoing SEO, this client saw a huge increase in rankings (ultimately averaging a 1.1 ranking!)

Rankings seem like the ultimate goal of SEO, but there’s so much more…

2. SEO will increase your traffic

First comes rankings, then comes…traffic!

Once you boost your rankings, you’ll undoubtedly see an improvement in organic search traffic (as long as you’ve optimized correctly).

As you can guess, the more eyes on your website and content, the more opportunities you have to sell and help your audience.

increased traffic with SEO and blogging
Using both SEO and blogging, this client saw a 820% increase in relevant organic search traffic

3. SEO will increase your conversions

But even traffic isn’t everything, and as an entrepreneur, you know that.

Conversions — whether it’s a free download, contact form completion, or product purchase — are the ultimate goal. And yes, SEO can help with conversions too!

After all, when you have a clear message and the perfect offering for the right audience, better rankings + traffic = more conversions.

increased conversions with SEO and blogging
This client saw over a 307% increase in conversions thanks to ongoing SEO and blogging

3 Ways to Learn Search Engine Optimization

Just like anything, there’s a number of different ways to learn how to do SEO for your website, blog, and overall web presence.


There’s a lot to be said about learning on the fly and experimenting with your own website.

You might know enough about SEO to be dangerous and are willing to try different tactics to see what works and what doesn’t.

Perhaps you try:

▷ Using the keywords and phrases you think your audience is searching for on your website

▷ Creating blog content on your own website (as well as others, for the link building benefits)

▷ Review your Analytics and data regularly, not quite sure what you’re looking for

These tactics might get you some results, but let’s be honest, there’s a lot of room for error in the trial-and-error method.


Google “learn SEO” and there’s millions of results – 319 million, to be exact. 😳

While many of these tutorials, posts, courses, and other resources are paid, many are free! There’s a ton of value in many of these free resources that will help move the needle when it comes to SEO.

You’ll likely learn:

▷ Basic Search Engine Optimization principles, like setting up your website in a clean, SEO-friendly way

▷ Keyword research, to help find the right keywords and phrases for your audience

▷ Basic link building, to build powerful and relevant backlinks to your site

In fact, you’ll get all that and more with our free resource: the Ultimate SEO Checklist!

DIY Your Search Engine Optimization with the Ultimate SEO Checklist

Check, check, check. That’s the sound of you checking off your SEO to-do list. Don’t miss a single opportunity to optimize your website and web presence by leveraging the Ultimate SEO Checklist.


Again, free only goes so far with SEO.

So then, there’s the third tier of learning: going deep with Search Engine Optimization coursework.

Paid workshops and courses are for the DIYer who deeply understands the importance of SEO and is ready to implement it for her business.

You’ll likely get:

▷ Expert and results-oriented teaching

▷ Step-by-step SEO tutorials

▷ Clear action items to take to move the needle with your SEO efforts

▷ Ongoing support for any SEO-related questions

With the Ultimate SEO Checklist Mini-Course, you’ll find an up-leveled version of the checklist: with yours truly walking you through!

Create a robust SEO strategy & become visible on the search engines

If you already downloaded the Ultimate SEO Checklist and need a little more help, this mini-course has your name on it. Walk through the checklist with me and learn how to check each item off the list in under 90 minutes!

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