How to Write a Compelling “How to” Blogpost

Think about the last time you were trying to figure out how to do something.

It could’ve been how to unclog the toilet, how to draw a dog, or even how to do SEO for your blog.

What did you do first? Go to Google, right?

Then, you typed in “how to…”

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The Power of a “How to” Blogpost

“How to” blogposts are great because they answer a very specific problem or need for your audience.

The more specific, clear, and helpful your post is, the more likely the reader will want more from you.

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4 Benefits of a “How to” Blogpost


When you share a valuable “how to” post or tutorial with your audience, you might feel some resistance to giving away what you do.

Here are a few ways to reframe this:

▷ You’re not giving it all away, you’re focusing on a very tutorial for a very specific problem
▷ Never give away proprietary or client-only information
▷ If you don’t give away valuable information, your competitors sure are


When you teach a blog visitor how to do something, you solve their burning question or problem.

Your reader may not become an instant raving fan, but you’ve certainly inserted yourself in their universe. You’ve just had your first touchpoint with them or the awareness stage of the customer sales cycle.

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Looking to improve your SEO rankings? Your blog is a powerful way to do it.

Since your tutorials and “how to” blogposts are specific and meant for a long tail keyword question, they’ll undoubtedly help you rank higher in the search engines.


“How to” or tutorial blogposts don’t often convert readers right away. After all, you solved their immediate problem.

But since you were so helpful in solving the reader’s problem, they might sign up for emails from you to get more posts in the future.

How to Write a Compelling “How to” Blogpost


The title of your blogpost isn’t just the most important place for keywords, it’s also how you entice readers to choose your post out of the other options out there.

Whether it’s from the search engines, social media, or even email, your “how to” blogpost title should capture attention, be clear, and showcase exactly what the reader will get with the post.

Want better SEO rankings for your blog?

Your blogpost titles can help you get them. 

Your blogpost title is about 50% of your battle when it comes to both optimizing your blogpost and enticing searchers to click on it.  

That’s the power of the title. 


You’ve heard of “hooks” before with social media and the same goes for your blogpost introduction — you want to grab readers right away.


A step-by-step tutorial gives readers clear expectations for how many steps are involved in the process (think about a recipe) and breaks down the process so it’s as simple as possible to follow.


Depending on your “how to” post, a video might be helpful supporting content. Whether it’s a screen share or a video of you showing how to do something, nothing beats the visual power of video.


Don’t forget a powerful call to action! You can even include them throughout your blogpost so you can capture skimmers.

Give an easy “yes,” like a free download that adds the reader to your email list.


Don’t forget to repurpose your blogpost on other platforms.

“How to” blogposts are perfect for carousel posts on social media. Simply break down the steps in your posts and create multiple slides for social.

Then, link to your original blogpost for more information (and to drive readers to your call to action).

5 “How to” Blogpost Ideas

Need a little inspiration to get started with your next tutorial or “how to” blogpost? Here are five powerful – and clickable – blogpost titles.

1. How to _____ in [#] Simple Steps
2. How to Demystify/Simplify _____
3. How to _____ in Less Than [Time]
4. How to _____ Your _____ by [%]
5. How to Buy [Product/Service]

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